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An average transmission valve body piece will cost between 200 to 500. Trending at C 15898.

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The make and model of your vehicle plays a huge factor in what the total cost of your transmission body valve will be.

Automatic transmission valve body. Automatic Transmission Valves At the heart of the automatic transmissions hydraulic control system is the valve body. A transmission valve body is a complex labyrinth of valves and solenoids that routes transmission fluid through circuits in the transmission. A valve body serves as the central control center in an automatic transmission system.

So it is important to note that the hourly rate of. A gasket and a separator plate separate the upper and lower halves. Make sure all gasket material is removed and both surfaces are oil free and dry.

It also helps to direct the right clutch by allowing hydraulic fluid to flow to different valves. This valve body normally has numerous channels and passages within itself. And it switches the gear according to the current driving circumstance.

AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION VALVE BODY The GM Genuine Original Equipment automatic transmission valve bodies are the hydraulic brain with various channels spool and check valves that direct hydraulic fluid to perform the needed gear changes. For hard launches quick shifts and full manual control at the drag strip or race track youll want to upgrade to a high performance valve body. 45 out of 5 stars.

FTI-700R4-3H 2. By channeling hydraulic fluid through a series of paths the valve body is able to trigger the correct clutch pack for the selected gearing. An automatic transmission valve body is a major component of a vehicles automatic transmission system and directs pressurized transmission fluid to a network of valves that engage appropriate clutch packs for smooth gear shifting.

Valve Bodies for Automatic Transmission. Automatic Transmission 4-Speed Level 3 with Holley TV Cable Forward Shift Pattern Automatic Valve Body GM 4L60700R4 Each Part Number. The maze-like passages of the valve body form the brains of your automatic transmission directing hydraulic fluid to the appropriate clutch packs and servos to shift gears.

Now would be a good time to clean the valve body cover bolts and mating surface on the transmission. When it comes time to purchase a replacement transmission valve body because your current one is malfunctioning you can expect to pay an amount between 290 and 910. It contains a maze of channels and passages that direct hydraulic fluid to the numerous valves which then activate the appropriate clutch pack or band servo to smoothly shift to the appropriate gear for each driving situation.

If something were to go wrong with the transmission valve body certain features of the automatic transmission would be unavailable. This is part six of a seven part series on how basic automatic transmissions operate. While cleaning the transmission surface make sure that both o-rings are still inside transmission.

If the transmission control module TCM is the brain of the transmission valve body would be the heart. The valve body is one of the pieces of equipment that allows an automatic transmission to function correctly. Your transmission valve body will move the fluid through its various channels quickly to activate the right bands in your transmission while youre driving your car around.

The valve body is the control center of the automatic transmission. Inside of the valve body there are a number of valves each of which is referred to by the shift that its responsible for. Your vehicles transmission valve body works by welcoming transmission fluid into it and moving it around based on what gear you need your transmission to be in.

In addition the labor costs tend to be quite extensive as replacing a transmission valve body can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours to finish. Clean Valve Body Cover Bolts and Transmission. – 42RLE Dodge Transmission Valve Body 1-plug 2003-2005 Lifetime Warranty.

This part is the GM-recommended replacement for your vehicles original components. The separator plate or transfer plate the valves and the valve body itself. It consists of several parts.

In this video I explain the purpose of a valve body and the common val.

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